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The idea of design


CALLE_SYLWIA_APO0557 elab2.png

Decanting, in the case of wine, means separating the liquid from the solid, the fixed residue. Whereas “decanterinare” is the verb that defines the function of our innovative process which, in addition to the aforementioned separation, provides a sharp acceleration to the oxygenation process and as such the readiness of the “decanterinated” wine.
But decanting also means telling. From here comes the will and the idea of a design that tells a story.

The history of how wine is born and the time it takes. The wine comes from a flower represented by the CALLA flower of the DECANTERINO, which contains its future, the grapes, which in turn, when squeezed give us what the ancients called the sacred nectar.

The time and the way of this transformation is well represented also in the use of the DECANTERINO that, for this reason, I wanted to resemble an hourglass.

The time of the allegorical story coincides with the time devoted to the pouring of wine through the DECANTERINO. Sharing the thought of a great designer, Bruno Munari, for whom "the beautiful derives from the right", the aesthetic result of DECANTERINO is exactly the right innovation in the world of wine serving,

for effectiveness and emotion.

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